Beyond The Galaxy

The Sun goes to bed at the end of the day,

The Moon and the Stars come out to play.

They peek through the curtains of my room,

My imagination starts to bloom.


They fill the darkness with their light,

Guiding my dreams through the night.

A rocket zooms through the stars,

Racing by to land on Mars.


It bursts through the atmosphere,

On a journey measured in Light Years.

Saturn hula hoops its rings,

My thoughts drift off to dreamy things.


Like galaxies far away

And surfing on the Milky Way.

On Jupiter, diamonds rain from the sky,

As I lie here wishing I could fly.


Like an Astronaut soaring through space,

On a rocket ship going to another place.

Leaving behind all the rainy gloom,

In the wake of my Sonic Boom.


Cloudy Venus shines like the Moon,

Not cold or icy like Neptune.

Not a sound can be heard in the abyss,

No mum to give me a goodnight kiss.


It’s too hot to play cricket on Mercury,

The Suns too bright, we couldn’t see.


The days are too long, when would we sleep?

My eyes grow heavy and I start to creep,

Back to bed all snug and warm,

Out of my spaceman uniform.

Rested and ready for another day,

When the sun gets up, ready to play.


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